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MEGA MAN ZERO 3 Free eShop Download CodesMEGA MAN ZERO 3 Free eShop Download Codes

Get MEGA MAN ZERO 3  using our free download codes that you can redeem on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. Limited copies only.

You can redeem MEGA MAN ZERO 3 for any Wii U system and eShop region as long as there are still free copies left from our download codes vault.

Game Overview

Stop Dr. Weil and Omega before they reach the Dark Elf!

Dr. Weil and Omega are plotting to use the Dark Elf’s power to seize command of Neo Arcadia. Zero must use everything at his disposal to stop their plan before all hope and life is lost!

Two months after stopping a possessed Elpizo, Zero and the Resistance are sent out to investigate a mysterious ship that is emitting a familiar energy source. As Zero takes a closer look, he discovers that Dr. Weil and Omega—both banished from Neo Arcadia long ago—have returned and are seeking the power of the Dark Elf. With it, they will destroy all humankind and take over Neo Arcadia for themselves. Use Zero’s jump, dash, and wall kick to get to your next challenge. When a simple attack doesn’t suffice, equip EX Skills, Cyber-elves, and other special items to boost your abilities. Travel to Cyberspace, and discover the mirror image of the current world. Stay steadfast on your course to return peace to a world that is on the brink of destruction!

Virtual Console

This classic game is part of the Virtual Console service, which brings you great games created for consoles such as NES™, Super NES™ and Game Boy™ Advance. We hope you’ll enjoy the new features (including off-TV play) that have been added to this title.

Game Info

  • System: Wii U
  • Release Date: May 28, 2015
  • No. of Players: 1 player
  • Category: Action, Adventure
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom


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